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Concrete Countertops NJ

Pislaru Studios can create custom concrete countertops for your kitchen or bathroom vanity.

We can design, create & install custom concrete surfaces for various areas of your house.  All of our concrete countertops are creative, elegant and long lasting.  Pislaru Studios specializes in custom designed concrete countertops for vanity tops, table tops, kitchen counters and sinks.  Gelu Pislaru gives each concrete project its own unique look and feel that cannot be seen in something manufactured.

Why Concrete Countertops?

Concrete countertops are quickly becoming a material that many homeowners and designers are adding into their homes, offices, restaurants and other commercial spaces.

Concrete countertops allow you to customize the color, style, shape and feel with virtually unlimited options.

Concrete is a surface you can trust, it is extremely strong and durable.

We always seal all of our concrete designs providing you with a very low maintenance countertop.

Examples of Concrete Countertops:

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