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Your New Jersey, New York, Connecticut & Florida Venetian Plaster Experts

Pislaru Studios is a NJ based company specializing in faux painting. With over 25+ years of experience, we have mastered faux painting techniques with wall finishes, venetian plaster, ornamental paintings, fine art, and murals. The highest quality craftsmanship and originality is the keystone to our success. To produce a harmonious mix of color and textures for the desired effects, we are using plasters imported from Italy that contain slaked lime and marble dust. The use of lime in the building industry is an old European tradition requiring a very good preparation and knowledge. The benefits of lime plasters are that they provide long lasting beauty, environmentally friendly, natural stone body and depth, and breathable.

Venetian Plaster:
Venetian Plaster is an elegant and artistic wall finish that is considered to be one of the most beautiful and durable wall finishes in the world. Venetian plaster consists of a polished marble and natural stone look. It is a very glamorous wall finish and will accentuate your décor.
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Faux Finish:
Faux painting is used to describe various decorative paint finishes that mimic the look of materials such as marble, wood or stone. The word “faux” is derived from the French language meaning false. This faux painting technique began as a way to replicate the appearance of various material with paint.
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Decorative Painting:
We can create murals painted or applied directly on your walls, ceilings or other large permanent surface. We use the architectural elements of the space to incorporate the painting harmoniously. Gelu Pislaru is an expert decorative painter and fine art muralist.
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Gilding is a process of applying fine gold/silver leaf to solid surfaces like wood, stone or metal. This gives your solid surface a beautiful thin coating of gold/silver. We are also able to apply gilding to a custom stencil pattern for your walls or ceilings.
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We can accentuate your walls with the use of stenciling. We create our own designs and patterns for stenciling. Whether you are looking for a stencil design we have in stock or would like a custom stencil design for your walls, we can create this for you.
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Wood Graining:
Wood graining is the process used to imitate exotic and common wood types. We can apply our wood graining to nearly all types of molding and surfaces.With wood graining we can match our design to your existing wood. You no longer have to worry about purchasing the wood, hiring a carpenter to install it and then a painter to stain it.
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